Health Cover

We can search through a range of policies to find the one that suits you best from our extensive list of insurers. So this year leave the shopping to us, as just one phone call could find the best cover and price for you.

Permanent Health Insurance

Whilst most clients understand the need for life cover and critical illness cover in the event of a death or serious illness occurring, most forget what will happen to them if they are unable to work for a period of time due to an accident or illness. 

Cancers and strokes will usually be covered under a critical illness type policy, but what happens to your income stream if you are involved in an accident through no fault of your own or suffer from a long term debilitating illness such as stress, depression, back problems or similar issues. 

Even if you have a mortgage payment protection policy in place, this will normally only cover your mortgage payment and will last no longer than 12 months. 

How do you provide financially for you and your family on a long term basis? The answer to this is a permanent health insurance policy which will provide an income based on a percentage of your salary, payable until you return to work, retire, or die. 

Private Medical Insurance

What if you need to go to hospital for an operation following a consultancy with your GP. You can chose to join the waiting list and eventually be seen in your NHS hospital, but this could take months or years, or would you prefer to choose with your doctor when and where your seen. 

You may end up need a longer stay following an accident or illness – would you be happy on a ward with 8 or 16 other patients or would you prefer your own room and dedicated support. 

Private Medical Insurance can’t stop you being ill or needing a hospital stay, but it can make the whole process a much nicer and faster experience at a time when you need all the help you can get.